Singer with No Words

I’ve always had a deep desire to express and share what’s in my Heart and Soul, yet mostly at a lack for the words to relay it. In just the last few days, I’ve realized that for me, the words are not what matters. It’s the feeling, the vibration, the sound and the energy behind it.

Couple this with all the healing aspects of singing your own heart-soul-body song and the fact that I became painfully aware of all the copyright issues surrounding singing/recording anyone else’s songs (even though public domain at the time of recording!), I’ve become “Singer with No Words.”

This is something I’ve been doing daily now for close to a year in my morning chants for peace, but had not thought of it as such. I was still holding on to the idea of myself as an interpretive singer of other people’s songs, as a recitalist of sorts.

Now, I feel rather like a Phoenix rising up out of it’s own ashes to find a new identity of improvisational chanter/singer. I never before thought of myself as being able to do such a thing as be creative in any way of unfolding (in the moment) expression. Yet here I am – in total amazement and humbleness when I’m so flowing with Spirit that I forget my ego self, and no judgement or self-criticism exists. I’m engulfed with joy, gratitude, openness and freedom of voice, heart, mind, soul, body and expression of all therein.